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CO nonprofits accepting donations from cannabis industry

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In Colorado, marijuana is legal. In the eyes of the federal government, it is still illegal. Should Colorado nonprofits seek/accept contributions from a marijuana retailer?

“There is still some legal risk that a nonprofit would need to evaluate, but from the experts we’ve talked to, it seems small at this point,” said Renny Fagan, Colorado Nonprofit Association president and CEO.

According to Colorado Nonprofit Association’s year-end 2016 survey, one in 10 nonprofits had actively sought out contributions, but two-thirds would consider accepting a donation if offered.

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Cannabis businesses find giving back not as easy as you think

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By Joe Vaccarelli, The Denver Post

Tim Cullen ran into an unexpected obstacle recently when he decided it was time his cannabis business should start donating money to nonprofit organizations.

“I have been shocked at how few places will take our money,” said Cullen, CEO of the Colorado Harvest Company chain of shops and a shareholder with O.penVape, a company that makes vape pens.

But then Levitt Pavilion Denver came calling. O.penVape and Colorado Harvest Company together donated $250,000, becoming the largest private donors of a project to build an amphitheater in Ruby Hill Park in southwest Denver that will host 50 free concerts each summer among several other events.

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Why CO nonprofits are taking a risk accepting donations from pot businesses

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DENVER – When is a donation not necessarily something you want to take straight to the bank?

Kaya Cannabis, in Denver, is donating a portion to medical marijuana sales to three nonprofit organizations.

“Nothing is simple in cannabis, I’ve learned,” said Amanda Gonzalez, CEO of Kaya Cannabis. “Many non-profits are part of national organizations or their of board of directors is just a little bit more conservative and nervous about what’s still a relatively new industry.”

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