Making A Difference has Positive Impacts for Your Company/Brand

To find out more, read our white paper on “Growing a Cannabis Business through Implementing Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Practice”

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Find vetted 501(c)(3) nonprofits by location, name, category, or other criteria in your communities which DO accept financial, volunteer, and other support from cannabis companies


Find articles, videos, and attend webinars which will assist your company in creating, developing, and growing your philanthropic, cause-marketing and purpose-driven initiatives


Screen all your incoming requests for support and only receive those which match your company’s CSR and giving criteria


For some Licensees, some form of community engagement is a requirement for a license and we can assist with developing initiatives to match your compliance requirements


Our unique technology proactively provides your company with giving, cause-marketing, sponsorship and other opportunities from our 501(c)(3) members


We provide single-issue, hourly consulting services, by experts in areas of strategy, implementation, reporting, compliance, cause-marketing, sponsorship, partnerships, and more