Elevate your public image, consumer loyalty, employee satisfaction, bottom line, and even compliance for some licensees.



Elevating the social impact of the industry and providing data to industry leaders, lobbyists, regulators, legislators, and media


501(c)(3) NONPROFITS

For 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, we elevate your mission and requests for support and provide education and other resources around cannabis regulations and laws


Together We Canna Make A Difference – Elevate Your State

ELEVATE your Cannabis Company/Brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility or Purpose-Driven Initiatives.

Philanthropic Responsibility is an investment in your company, providing consumers, and employees with a belief in your company. Philanthropy has been a long-standing sign of a successful company. We can provide the tools, expertise, and support you need, whether you are a small boutique company, a large MSO or a growing brand, CannaMakeADifference helps you create, implement, grow and manage your philanthropic initiatives.

Elevate the State of Your Community

Having been labeled essential business, now is the time to enhance or create your Philanthropic program, to show how much a part of your community you are and help local and state initiatives to increase social impact, social reform, increase support for those less fortunate, and make a change in the lives of local residents.

Elevating the State of Your Company/Brand

Philanthropy can elevate your company/brand in the eyes of employees and consumers because we know that employee satisfaction and consumer loyalty are higher for purpose-driven companies, thus impacting your bottom line. And for those companies which have compliance requirements around community engagement, creating and enhancing your philanthropic initiatives can provide measurable impact for compliance requirements.

Elevating the State of Your Industry

We elevate the social good from companies and individuals in our industry and inject that into the mainstream through the lens of philanthropy and social impact. We also provide industry leaders, lobbyists, regulators, legislators, and media with tools they can use to track and report the social good happening coming from the cannabis industry nationwide. And although banking, 280e, and research reform seem to only impact our industry, these laws are hindering nonprofits from accepting the support they need.