Looking to request support from a cannabis company?

If you are a nonprofit and looking into whether or not you should be accepting funding from the cannabis industry, take a look at our White Paper, Accepting Cannabis Donations for your Non-profit Organization: Risks, Rewards, and Best Practices

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Status Research

Companies want to know if a charity is a 501(c)(3) and if they are in good standing with the IRS and state. By becoming a valid member, companies know you have met certain criteria for validation.

Networkwide Submissions

Our nonprofit members can submit a request for support just one time and we screen that submission across our entire network of cannabis companies looking for opportunities to support nonprofits like yours.


We provide a library of articles, videos, recorded webinars, as well as LIVE webinars to provide information and education to our members to assist them in their procurement of support

Looking for Funding from the Cannabis Industry? 

If you are a 501(c)(3) and willing to accept donations, sponsorships, in-kind products, volunteers, etc. from cannabis companies AND are willing to provide them with the same recognition you give any other contributor or sponsor, submit a request with us so we can refer your request to cannabis companies looking to donate to organizations like YOURS!