Profit is What It is All About

Profit allows for good things to happen.

  • Profit provides the owner with reward for their risk in starting their company
  • Profit provides employees with a job and a wage and hopefully allows for growth to bring on more employees
  • Profit provides ways for the company to grow through investment in itself, it’s supply chain and more
  • Profit provides ways for the company to make decisions about more environmentally friendly business practices
  • Profit provides ways in which the company can become stewards of the communities they serve
  • Communities who feel served become stewards and supporters of companies in their communities

The biggest challenge many companies have in creating CSR and in particular, Philanthropic Initiatives, is viewing this as just an added expense. It is not just an expense. It is, or should be, a part of our marketing plan and managed like any other marketing, advertising, and/or promotional asset.

We take away the challenges inherent to cannabis companies engaging with their communities while also saving them

Time – We find community partners, screen incoming requests, negotiate on behalf of the company, and provide support to the marketing or executive team

Money РWe provide our services without needing to hire a full-time employee, find the most cost effective and strategic community partners, and provide reporting to assist with licensing renewals