As the industry grows, so does social impact.

National legalization does not just help the cannabis industry but also impacts the nonprofit sector. Banking laws, IRS Code 280e, and research prohibition adversely affect nonprofits as well. We work to elevate the entire industry because we know that the impact on nonprofits will be greater when we can get rid of prohibition.

CSR Reporting

We believe that elevating statistics and numbers about CSR and giving from the industry elevates consumer and patient destigmatization, public perception, community engagement, and moves the political needle towards legalization for those opposed to legalization.

RELEAF Foundation

This 501(c)(3) is dedicated to providing financial, operational, and logistics support to local nonprofits in disaster areas to assist with procurement and distribution of supplies, equipment, and whatever other support we can provide while collaborating with other disaster relief organizations funded SOLELY by the cannabis community.

CannaMakeADifference Day

We believe that uniting the entire industry and community for just 24 hours can change the world, or at least the conversation around banking and 280e reform, and legalizing research, as well as provide thousands of nonprofits throughout the United States with the financial support they need.

Women of 420

The Women of 420 Charity Calendar elevates women in cannabis and the nonprofits they support each year. Women compete in an online photo contest for votes. Votes are determined by donations. Ultimately 12 women are chosen based on votes and other criteria by a judges panel who then are featured in that year’s calendar.

Advocacy, Regulators & Legislators

We truly believe that the cannabis industry has the potential to ELEVATE the world for the better. Whether it is the benefits of the flower or the social impact of a caring new industry, reform needs to take place to reach the full potential for the good it brings to the world. We are dedicated to ELEVATING discussions to rid our country of prohibition.


Our Together We CannaMakeADifference Podcast elevates the cannabis industry by educating the nation on the positive social impact companies and individuals from the industry have on their communities and the nation at large.