What If…

…there was a way to engageĀ  the cannabis community to make a positive impact during the global pandemic?

…the cannabis community united to make a difference?

…by helping thousands of nonprofits, it elevated the need for banking and 280e reform, destigmatized consumers, the industry, and your brand?

Together We CANNA Make A Difference!


Join us on July 9th, 10th and 11th for CannaMakeADifference Day!

With many societal issues still not being resolved from this pandemic, CannaMakeADifference Day is a unique opportunity for the cannabis industry and the cannabis community to unite and make a difference! There are thousands of local nonprofits providing food, shelter, mental health services, and other assistance to hundreds of thousands affected by this global pandemic. TOGETHER, WE CANNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE for thousands! JOIN US TODAY AND ELEVATE YOUR STATE!

Elevate Nonprofits

Their resources are more in need than ever, but their funding is in short supply.

Elevate Reform

Banking and 280e regulations hinder your ability to make a difference.

Elevate Your Industry

Your Company can lead the way, showing a united front for change!

Elevate Consumers

DESTIGMATIZE cannabis consumers by helping them get involved and making a difference!

Are you a Nonprofit and want to participate? REGISTER NOW!

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