Corporate Social Responsibility, The Porpoise Tank LIVE!

Educating people, communities and local governments about your company and our industry is paramount and one of the ways we do this is through our Porpoise Tank, CannaMakeADifference Edition LIVE Event!


Something like the TV show “Shark Tank”, the “Porpoise Tank” (porpoise/purpose… see what we did there!) CannaMakeADifference Edition features:

  • FIVE (5) local and/or national leaders in the cannabis industry
  • Each Donate $5,000 to the “Tank”
  • FOUR (4)  local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations pitch the “Sharks” a $10,000-$15,000 project they would like to initiate in their community
  • The “Sharks” determine how the $25,000 is distributed to each of the four 501(c)(3) nonprofits

This is a LIVE event and thanks to a partnership with Denver-based tech firm BRAINSPIRE, every person in the audience or anyone watching via YouTube LIVE can participate as a “Shark”!

Through BRAINSPIRE‘s web-based application, anyone watching can donate $10 or more and through the APP determine what portion of their donation goes to each of the presenting 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations! 100% of each donation is tax-deductible!

In order to educate the general public and highlight the good your company and our industry does in our communities, we will hold FOUR of these events in different US cities, in legalized states between August and December 2019..

Dates for the four city tour TDA:

  • Detroit, MICHIGAN
  • Baltimore, MARYLAND
  • Denver, COLORADO

If you would like to participate as a “Cannabis Shark” or a national or local sponsor, please review our standard sponsorship deck HERE.

LIGHTSHADE is a cannabis company who does Corporate Social Responsibility right! And we are proud to have them as our first official sponsor of the Porpoise Tank, CannaMakeADifference Edition! Check out their CSR page HERE!