CannaMakeADifference Day is Friday, September 20, 2017!

Indulge and join the movement to elevate your state

Anyone can donate between 12:00am and 11:59pm on September 20th. For individuals, 100% of donations are tax-deductible under the IRS tax code associated with donating to 501(c)(3) public charities.


The Cannabis Community

Whether you’re a weekend smoker, a medical patient, a grower or distributor, this is a day for you to donate and help legalization by supporting a “feel good” positive image for consumers and companies alike. Give a little, give a lot. Give anonymously or give publically. Your funds will make a positive impact on small and local nonprofits throughout Colorado.

Even more, your donations will show the nation there’s more to this story. Cannabis can, and does, benefit our communities in multiple ways. Your donations will support current philanthropic programs in our state as well as create new ones.

The Smaller Nonprofits Throughout Colorado

The goal is to raise $4.20 million to support multiple, worthy causes across Colorado, from Durango to Fort Collins and Burlington to Grand Junction. On just one day last year, Coloradans donated $33.8 million during the Colorado Gives Day campaign hosted by the Community First Foundation.

If we can raise $4.2 million, we can say that, compared to Colorado Gives Day, the Cannabis Community accounts for 10% of giving in the state of Colorado!

“Colorado is a leader in the cannabis industry and has the opportunity to embed a level of corporate social responsibility not yet seen in the industry.  On September 20, businesses and consumers can make a difference and empower small nonprofits across Colorado through this unique day of giving and help elevate their state.” -The Doing Good Foundation

We’ll collect the data and share it with the world. Come back here after September 20 to find out how many people donated, how much we raised and which charities are going to reap the benefits of your generosity. Through one day of shared giving, we can show how the cannabis industry is impacting our state and how legalizing it elsewhere would benefit other states.


If you donate $42.00 or more, you’ll receive access to coupons worth more than $210!

CannaMakeADifference Day is an online crowdfunding platform just for the cannabis industry and consumers. Individuals and businesses can donate three ways:

Donate on September 20

Donate today  You will be billed today, but your donation will be counted on September 20

Mobile: Text ELEVATE to 50555

We are looking for dispensaries where people can donate directly.