DECEMBER 3, 2019


Are you a Nonprofit and want to participate? REGISTER NOW!


…the cannabis industry and community impacted more than 400,000+ nonprofits?

…the cannabis industry and community openly accounted for 10% of giving on the international day of giving?

…YOUR company received the credit for making a difference on the international day of giving?


With Giving Tuesday already a well-publicized event, coverage will go to those companies perceived to lead this effort around the country or in a particular state. Is your company ready for the spotlight?


Through various campaigns, your company can impact one nonprofit through a company giving page, where you and your customers/patients/employees can donate directly to a charity of your choice, or impact all the 501c3 nonprofits in your state as we reach out to every single one on your behalf educating and procuring their support and participation in our day of giving!

ELEVATE YOUR INDUSTRY – $42,000,000 Goal!

$42,000,000 would equal about 10% of giving which would allow us to say legitimately, that the cannabis industry and community accounted for 10% of giving on the international day of giving

Last year, 2018, GivingTuesday raised $400,000,000 for charities in a 24 hour period. This year join us in making a mark on this day by helping us raise $42,000,000 for various charities in 11 legalized states!

As a founding partner in you would bring international awareness to something that we all know is going on in the industry but no one knows how big it actually can be. No one knows because most cannabis companies cannot take the legal tax-deduction for donations due to 280E.

We will host a giving platform on for one day which will:

  • Raise awareness of companies giving
  • Promote companies who give back
  • Assist companies in engaging their clients/customers/patients to give as part of a company “team”
  • Promote 501(c)(3) nonprofits, who are openly willing and able to accept support from the cannabis industry
  • Track giving from the cannabis community for 24 hours and report on the generosity of the industry, its companies, and its consumers

Sponsorships for the day are available. These sponsorships will not just be for the day but will also make your company a founding partner of, the technology platform matching philanthropic goals with local and national charities willing and able to accept support from the cannabis industry while educating the public about what giving is taking place in the industry!

The formal launch of the platform will take place at MJBIZCON, December 11, 2019 in Las Vegas in which your company can claim your rightful status as a leader in the industry in front of the biggest group of industry leaders!

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