Cannabis Philanthropy, Made Easy!

Giving hasn’t been easy for the cannabis industry for many reasons.

  • Law – Federal law forbids any company working with the cannabis plant from deducting charitable donations, part of Internal Revenue Code 280E .
  • Lack of Understanding – Most nonprofits don’t know what they can or can’t do with money from the cannabis industry. Technically, it’s illegal to accept money from an illegal entity, which federally, most companies who work with the cannabis plant are illegal. This poses a problem since the 501c3 charitable entity designation is from the federal government and thus if they accept something “illegal” run the risk of losing their 501c3 status.
  • Time and Resources – It can take cannabis companies days or weeks to find a 501c3 nonprofit which will accept their contribution, whether cash, sponsorship or volunteers. And even then, the 501c3 might not actually publicize that they have accepted the contribution.

High Tech Promotes High Touch

CannaMakeADifference tech solutions help cannabis companies

  • FIND – Our system provides you with a database of vetted and cannabis friendly*, 501c3 nonprofits which are searchable by distance, category of nonprofit, and other criteria to help you find nonprofits in your immediate communities or in communities you are looking to expand
  • SCREEN – Our high-tech and high-touch approach to screening incoming proposals submitted to your company provide the company with a cost-effective way to address corporate giving while providing a personal touch where we use your company’s giving criteria and present to your marketing director or team ONLY the proposals which MATCH most closely your company’s giving criteria
  • MARKET – By knowing your company’s giving criteria and marketing and sales goals, CannaMakeADifference can assist your company in developing cause-related marketing campaigns which don’t just help your community, but impact your bottom line
  • COMPLY – Many counties in the United States REQUIRE a Community Engagement/Community Involvement Plan as part of the licensing/renewal process and CannaMakeADifference can help your company meet those requirements fast and easy
  • REPORT – By using our services, we assist your company with your community engagement report which is designed to be shared online and through social media. Your information is also shared CONFIDENTIALLY as part of an industry-wide giving report as well.

We will also be launching a YouTube channel highlighting the good the cannabis industry is doing for communities, and we will draw interviewees directly from our clientele.