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Giving hasn’t been easy for the cannabis industry because federal law forbids dispensaries from deducting charitable donations. Also, many cannabis companies have community giving programs, but struggle to find nonprofits to work with.  Some nonprofits are fearful of losing federal status and grants if they accept those donations.  So, CannaMakeADifference Day is a win-win for both givers and nonprofits.

In this fundraising event, consumers, businesses, and growers can give back to their local communities in a public, accountable and results-oriented way.  The philanthropic totals will be published on our website. The event also benefits charities that will receive grants through the DoingGood Foundation; a Colorado-based, 501(c)(3) public charity unaffiliated with the cannabis industry.  There are thousands of good, local charities in Colorado in need of funding.

CannaMakeADifference days will be held in other legalized states in the future.

Four Ways to Engage

Donate – Contact or call us at 720.675.9317 to find out more about providing a donation from your company to CannaMakeADifference Day! If you are able to donate using a credit card, you can do so on our donation page.

Coupon Book Participant – If you are interested in providing a coupon for a product or service which will be provided to those consumers donating $42 or more, we will include your coupon in our easy-to-use APP, which works just like a coupon book. If you are a dispensary and would like to make more of a difference, you can also become a MATCHING PARTNER. Find out more HERE or by calling 720.675.9317.

Promote – If you use email or text messaging to reach your consumers, help CannaMakeADifference Day by sending out notifications and reminders about the Cannabis Community’s Day of Giving. We have content to make it a simple copy and paste.

Sponsor – Be the Difference! Help us by becoming a sponsor TODAY! We have nine (9) sponsorships available for our CannaMakeADifference Day in Colorado. As a sponsor, your company will receive first right of refusal for all future days of giving in the next state we engage with and Colorado for 2018! Learn more about it HERE.


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